Sunday, January 13, 2008

Realtors Give Their Approval for New Online Real Estate Listing Service

Finding Homes for Sale in Michigan is Made Easier by this Innovative Service

The Quick Home Finder, LLC is a real estate company made up of real estate experts who understand how difficult buying or selling property can be. Most home buyers and real estate investors would rather be able to find a house or list a house without a real estate agent middleman. This type of service is what The Quick Home Finder, LLC had in mind when they developed their website, The first page of their site contains a list of properties being sold at rock bottom prices. Every house condo, town home, duplex and residence has a photo so that people using the site know what the homes look like. There are over 60,000 homes for sale throughout South East Michigan in the site’s database which are constantly being updated. There’s also a staff of real estate insiders always available to assist consumers with information and advice to ensure they make the best choices possible. According to Larry Morris, an Associate Broker for Real Estate One in Royal Oak Michigan, “The information age is here. This tool helps my business because it allows my clients to get the best deals possible without needing a real estate agent.” The website is free to use, offers a 5% discount on houses you buy and enables browsers to look for free without giving their name which is especially good for private buyers. Over 40% of the people who use this site have saved it as one of their favorites. The site has also received rave reviews from the National Real Estate Network in recognition of its pioneering service and excellence. Whether looking for an investment property, a dream home or even a rent to own option, experts agree to go to

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