Sunday, January 13, 2008

Michigan’s Real Estate Market is another Hurricane Katrina Disaster which has left Hundreds of Thousands Stranded by Foreclosure

Over 200,000 Foreclosed Homes in Michigan have Washed up onto the Shores of the The Quick Home Finder, a Home Depot for Real Estate Investors

Michigan has been hit hard by a storm that has the real estate market flooded with foreclosed homes. Over 200,000 home owners, along with a growing number of real estate companies, are victims of this disaster.Cities all over Michigan have vacant homes scattered throughout their neighborhoods. So many people, losing their homes at once, are eerily reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina survivors. These homes are being sold for low prices, the best deals can be found at Like the Katrina survivors, evicted homeowners in Michigan have not received any relief or assistance. Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, recently issued this statement to residents facing home foreclosure, “Call the people you’re sending your money to…” This advice will probably be as effective as FEMA’s assurance to New Orleans that help was on the way. Detroit isn’t the only city in distress; cities all over northern, southern and central Michigan are suffering through this crisis.Aside from anyone willing to contribute large sums of cash to remedy the problem, people must turn to realtors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and loan officers for help. Evicted homeowners must find a house they can afford, which shouldn’t be hard with so many in-expensive homes for sale in Michigan. In fact, real estate companies with listing services like The Quick Home LLC enable consumers to find a house without the inconvenience or expense of a real estate agent. Unlike Katrina victims, perhaps Michigan residents who need a home will be rescued by companies like

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