Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pre-foreclosures and Terms

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Preforeclosures and Terms
One major point is whether the principle instrument securing the loan is a conventional mortgage or a "deed of trust." Kaller indicates that they are not the same even though everybody uses the term "mortgage" interchangeably. “Deeds of trust are the more common of the two, used in 34 states either mostly or exclusively,” says Kaller.
Mortgages involve two parties, borrowers and lenders, while deeds of trust have third parties, called trustees, who hold temporary title to the properties until borrowers pay off their loans.
That difference can be crucial when a borrower falls behind in payments. With deeds of trust, the trustees don't have to go to court to initiate a foreclosure; with a mortgage, the lender almost always does, which slows down the process.
In states where deeds of trust are an option, lenders almost always choose them over mortgages, because they are "non-judicial" - and quick.
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