Friday, March 28, 2008

The Quick Home Finder gets a Facelift-A Great Site for Home Buyers and Investors

The site was great before—you should see it now!

Detroit, Michigan-- The Quick Home Finder is an easy to use, comprehensive way to find the perfect home to buy or rent. Whether looking for an investment property or dream home the trained staff of real estate insiders is ready to assist. The best news is that the site is free for the public to use. There are no membership requirements and you do not have to be a licensed realtor to log on.

The Quick Home Finder is still simple to use and navigate and features large property pictures, search criteria fields and maps. “Realtors have access through the MLS to every home that is listed for sale within a certain area. The best service I have seen on the market is Michigan is The Quick Home Finder. This is the new free, quick and easy way to use the internet to search for homes on the MLS”, says Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr., (Mark) Co-founder of National Real Estate Network LLC.

The site has new hot deals and a special rebate offer. Imagine buying a home and getting a rebate of 25% of the Quick Home Finder’s commission back when you close. How about buying a beautiful home in West Bloomfield for 50% of the market value? Larry Morris has teamed up with associates to make all of this and more possible.

The site features many great new deals all the time, so it is a good idea to make it one of your favorites and visit often. Sign up for a free membership and a home buyer and seller guide. Read great articles written by experienced realtors who have been active in buying and selling all types of property from single family homes to large commercial buildings. The Quick Home Finder is the best real estate guide on the internet and it keeps getting better.

Larry Morris invites everyone to visit today; he looks forward to your feedback and your business. “This is a buyer’s market so I will cater to buyers’ needs and concerns. I welcome feedback and suggestions as to what home buyers and investors are looking for,” says Morris.

Larry Morris
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