Friday, March 28, 2008

Larry Morris adds Great New Features to Home Finder Website

In addition to over 70,000 listings in Southeast Michigan, The Quick Home Finder provides a wealth of information for home buyers and investors

Royal Oak, Michigan-- The Quick Home Finder was created by real estate professionals who believe that all people can make great decisions with good information. There are so many great neighborhoods and communities in the Michigan area. Whether someone is coming from outside the region, or moving across town, finding the right home is a challenge. The Quick Home Finder can help explain all options, from beautiful towns and suburbs to city neighborhoods and specific homes. The staff of trained real estate professionals can provide the insight needed to make an informed decision. The web site is simple to use and navigate and features large property pictures, search criteria fields and maps.

The Quick Home Finder is such a great help. The web site is a new system of finding all Metro Detroit Multi Listing Service (MLS) properties without talking to a Real Estate agent. The internet has made total change in way that realtors will be doing real estate home searches. In addition to a variety of listings to buy, rent or lease with option to buy, the site contains many articles with valuable information and advice for home buyers and investors. They have a mortgage calculator to figure your monthly mortgage payment and a resource list for other related services. They even have a new rebate program when you close on your new home or investment property.

Larry Morris is a buyer broker who has years of experience buying foreclosure homes for a very large real estate investor. Morris has managed his own portfolio of property as an investor. He knows how to get a great buy in real estate and he does it full time for his home buyers. Home buyers can obtain information about new properties coming on the market daily through the Multi Listing Service (MLS) computer network. Many good deals come up for sale and are sold by the agents reviewing the new listings each day. Morris has made this into a system that works for buyers. Buyers can go to The Quick Home Finder and review the site hassle free.

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